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Links of Interest

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These two suppliers of calligraphy and paper art supplies are the best to be found. Both have free catalogs.

Paper and Ink Arts:
Everything for calligraphers and beyond. Be sure to get a copy of the luscious catalog with many color pictures.

John Neal Books:
Many books and supplies on calligraphy, also the home of Letter Arts Review and Bound and Lettered.

Local Sources for Paper, Calligraphy Materials and Book Arts

2468 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver
(Seven locations total, six having art supplies)
Jerry’s Artarama
3524 South Mason Street
, Fort Collins
499 Broadway, Denver


Wedding Invitations and much more

The British Library Digital Catalog of Illuminated Manuscripts:

The Free Library of Philadelphia’s digital collection of Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts:

Resource guide full of good things for calligraphers:

Read about calligraphers, tools and new products of interest to calligraphers:

To see the “pick of the week” student work from Reggie Ezell’s classes:

Helen Hiebert, paper maker and paper artist living in Edwards, CO, has a blog that shows her own work and that of other paper artists:

International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting:

Colorado Calligraphers’ Websites

David Ashley

Jill Berry

Evette Goldstein

Renee Jorgensen

Jill Quillian

Selected Calligrapher’s Websites

Denis Brown

Loredana Zega

John Stevens

Julian Waters

Sheila Waters

Maria Soria

Carol DuBosch

Barbara Close

Linda Schneider

Amity Parks

Carrie Imai

Yves Leterme

Sharon Zeugin


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