1. Reservations are accepted by mail or PayPal.  First sent, first reserved, determined by US postmark  or payment date.
  2. Registration for the workshops will not be accepted if postmarked or reserved by PayPal more than 60 days in advance of the workshop date.
  3. Colorado Calligraphers’ Guild members are given priority in registration, unless stated otherwise (such as when co-sponsoring a workshop with another organization).
  4. Only one mailed registration per envelope.
  5. Send the full amount of the fee to reserve a place in the workshop.  Checks or PayPal payment will be returned if the guild cancels the workshop.
  6. Registrants should provide email addresses, and will receive via email the supply list and directions prior to the workshop, if requested.
  7. Checks will be deposited two weeks prior to the workshop.  No refunds to individuals will be given if they cancel less than two weeks prior to the workshop date, unless a substitute is found.  Persons on the waiting list are given first priority.  If no one is on the waiting list, then the original registrant may find a substitute.
  8. Colorado Calligraphers’ Guild board members receive a 20% discount on all workshops. The workshop position gets a 100% discount on the workshop.  If the position is shared, each person may take a percentage with the total equaling 100%.workshops. (e.g., 2 people with 50% off each)
  9. If the participant would be willing to house the workshop instructor, he/she will be entitled to take the workshop for 50% off the total fee.  Responsibilities include airport pick-up (arrival and departure), meals and housing for the instructor, as well as transport to and from the workshop.  Board members would receive a maximum of a 50% discount for housing the instructor.
  10. If the person housing the instructor is  workshop chairperson, reimbursement of expenses relating to housing the instructor be allowed, limited to $100.

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